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Michigan Growth Capital Symposium 2015

Near the end of May, Mountain Labs attended the 2015 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, the premier venture capital event in the midwest each year. During our time there, Mountain Labs had the opportunity to interact with 31 other innovative companies and a truly diverse group of investors. We were able to stand out as a promising early-stage company with a bright future and a superb pitch.

Zell Lurie Institute

In honor of MGCS, Mountain Labs was given the opportunity to write a guest post for the Zell Lurie Institute Entrepreneurs Notebook. In our post, we discuss the intersection of data delivery and data security in clinical research. We suggest that hospitals are having difficulty handling the volume of data requests, leading them to sacrifice data security for convenient access

The Detroit News

In January, Mountain Labs was featured in an article by The Detroit News. The segment discussed how companies like Mountain Labs have benefited from lean methodologies and the sharing of ideas. Since the beginning, Mountain Labs has felt that open communication and slim operations established through lean methodologies are of huge importance.

LSA Website

Mountain Labs was recently featured on the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts website and placed in institution’s quarterly publication. The article accurately portrays (describes) Symport as software that is “allowing researchers to efficiently collect, share, and update sensitive healthcare data anywhere in the world—no bulky, unprotected email attachments necessary.”

Michigan Business Challenge

In 2014, Mountain Labs (known at the time as Lab Compass) participated in the annual Michigan Business Challenge sponsored by the Zell-Lurie Institute at the Ross School of Business. During the competition, our team gave a series of pitch presentations and received valuable feedback on our concept from the event judges. Competing against over 70 student start-ups, Mountain Labs reached the semi-finals and received the award for the Best Undergraduate Team at the competition.

Mountain Labs is an Ann Arbor based software company started by a multidisciplinary team of University of Michigan students. Their mission is to simplify healthcare research by building efficient, secure, and cost-effective technologies for researchers and medical professionals worldwide.

Mountain Labs builds Symport, a cloud-based data management platform for healthcare providers and research organizations. Symport enables users to securely collect, store, and share data online using HIPAA-compliant online databases. Healthcare organizations use Symport to measure and improve clinical operations, patient care, and public health.

The Mountain Labs team’s experience in healthcare research has given them a firsthand perspective of the challenges in the field. The team works closely with end users to design software that simplifies data management in healthcare research. Currently, they are partnering with researchers at the University of Michigan and the University Hospitals Case Medical Center to pilot and improve Symport.